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Therapy made cool. Human. Whatever.

Just Human Therapy was created to make therapy cool. I wanted a space where people could find connection and understanding in an every-day, human way. As a therapist, and fellow therapy-goer, I found it really difficult to find a space that reflected the potential for what therapy could look like in a modern way. A space where all our messy parts, sadness, humour, connection, grief, longing, hope, could be welcome. But also a place that feels human, integrated into our overall wellbeing, not an antiquated hole we hide in for 50 minutes. My goal is to make therapy more normal because it helps people in big ways. Therapy is hard. I aim to make it easier or at least more colourful.

Therapy is a space that you deserve to be fully yourself and to expect the same in return. Therapy is a place to practice feeling and understanding difficult emotions. It's so cool. We figure out what we need AND get it! Our mental, physical, and emotional health is all the better for this kind of work.

I have done this work. I have showed up for clients struggling to show up in their daily lives. I have seen people grovel at the lack of connection in their life. I have also seen people show up for themselves, week after week, in small and big ways where suddenly one day they noticed themselves growing. Perspectives stretched. Compassion shifted. Reality was no longer something to be groveled with, but something to be worked with and around.

Just Human Therapy does not connect with ideologies that people should be "fixed." Humans are not broken, no matter what they've been through, or how broken they feel within themselves. Humanness is our biggest strength and our biggest weakness. With both parts of that equation, we can live a full, engaged, and meaningful life. We can feel all the feels and still survive to see better days.

But in order to live fully, we have to show up for ourselves: to heal, to recover, to make amends with ourselves and our history.

Show up in all of your mess, all of your stress, sadness, anxiousness, anger, confusion, trauma, and I will help you find your way through it so you can start feeling better. Your experiences that were (or are) difficult will not go away, but you will know how to better take care of yourself to survive the tough parts of life and not lose yourself in the process.

Show up. Be human. Get feeling better.

- Taylor Broughton, founder of Just Human Therapy


There are always new ways we can make therapy more accessible and relevant to your healing.


A space to gather for people who are going through shared or similar experiences.


Local yoga (online or in-person) specialised to nervous system recovery from trauma.


Therapy in the great outdoors, for when movement and fresh air fuels therapy.

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