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Just Human Therapy:
online therapy and supervision

based in Scotland

Looking to start therapy?

Starting therapy can feel overwhelming- whether it is trauma work or you are just interested in knowing yourself better. I aim to make it as easy as possible. At our initial session, we will get familiar with what is going on for you, your hopes for therapy, answer any questions about the process, and most importantly see if it feels like a good fit. I provide a space to think together. Sessions will move slow and steady. Therapy is a space for you. My role as the therapist is to process, explore, wonder, and care with you about feelings or experiences that may be difficult to verbalise. While I have vast experience of offering a therapeutic space, I am human like you.

Because of my human-ness, I practice transparently to empower you in the process of therapy.



Welcome to my *therapy office*!

I'm a fully online psychotherapist based in Scotland. I create space for people to reflect on their history, relationships, upbringings, and current situation in order to move into a future that feels more meaningful and intentional.

Just Human Therapy was created to make therapy cool. I wanted a space where people could find connection and understanding in an every-day, human way. A space where all our messy parts, sadness, humour, connection, grief, longing, hope, could be welcome.

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