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Image by Vonecia Carswell


Welcome to the space for therapists, amongst therapists.
Please make yourself at home.


An 8-week support group container for collaboration and inspiration

1.5-hr weekly sessions of group time, guided self-reflection & 1:1 support

Max 6 spaces per group to protect space and connection

MONDAYS 10:00-11:30 AM BST



I'm a psychotherapist based in Scotland working fully online. I support clients long term, working with relational trauma and reparative attachment. I keep my practice slow and steady. Finding how I work best with clients, and being honest about my capacity, I've found ways to work with my rhythm rather than in spite of it. A neurodivergent brain and chronic health and pain issues are factored into my capacity and patterns- and this often changes. I'm really invested in supporting other therapists to find their own pace/structure to make their work sustainable and meaningful. I love connecting therapists in groups - like this one!

I believe our lived experiences, innate ways of relating, and our humanity make us the right therapists for our clients. Let's welcome the mess and work with it.


Picture a hybrid support group for therapists mixed with a workshop with creative prompts and collaboration with people who get it. You can use the invitations to reflect on your business, your personal life, or all the overlaps!

I ran this group first in 2020 and since then have been a part of so many more groups and memberships. I've edited the format to hold more guided content, longer sessions, and create more 1:1 connections. I'm creating group support I wish I had previously, and want to create for other therapists. I'm so excited to be offering this!

I imagine if you’re reading this, you’re a therapist who is wanting to do things slightly differently. You’re feeling the wear and tear of your role caring for others at work, in your life, while somehow also trying to care of yourself. Maybe you miss being amongst other therapists like during training years, you’re finding yourself more isolated and going through the motions, or you’re needing to carve out space and time to be more creative with your practice but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you need space to remember who you are.

Summer begins to wind down, inviting space to slow down and reflect on what needs tending to this Autumn.

I welcome you to give yourself permission to do things differently with other humans trying to do the same. Let yourself be collectively-cared-for in a set chunk of time so you have space to think, dream up, and move closer towards what you’re longing for within your business and/or wider life within community. A space to check-in and reevaluate amongst people who get it. A space to rest. A space to be seen and heard so you can see yourself better.

My goal is for you to come away feeling more connected to your: energy, patterns, humanity, and to use what comes up to move forward with more intention. May you become familiar with the parts of yourself: the creative, the business person, the healer, the educator, the supporter, and the part who needs support, too.

May you find clarity and alignment in good company. 

Co-working space

This group space will give you:

Time to think through your practice, how you're working, what you need support with, all while centring your humanity to create sustainable patterns for yourself... with other folks trying to do the same.

Image by Olesia Bahrii

Some themes we will cover:

Honoring space for our creativity as a counterbalance to heaviness

Centring our humanity in our daily lives/work for ongoing sustainability

Finding our personal recipe for what types of support we need

Seasonal, cyclical, and slow living as internal and external resources

Practices to support our nervous system/process vicarious trauma

Thinking of our lived experiences as brand-fuel

Who we work with & why it matters to us


Introvert and extrovert friendly group set up... you'll get a mix of sensory needs!

You'll have space to be within a group, have 1:1 support, as well as time for your own silent reflections.

Group flow-

20 minute collective group time

20 minute guided, quiet self-reflection

-mini comfort break-

20 minute 1:1 time with another human

20 minute group time to collectively end

Some sessions the timings will be adjusted to having a special guest for more guided self-reflection time.

Hopefully, you'll leave feeling closer to yourself and a set of other lovely humans.

Friends Talking Outside


~20 minute group time to collectively begin
~20 minute group time to collectively end

Each session will begin and end with reflective group space. We will check in with how we are doing and what we are bringing into the session so we can be properly supported. Free-form group space takes up about half of each meeting, to allow everyone to know each other and collaborate. We will acknowledge the theme of the week before moving into quiet reflection time during a self-exploration exercise lead by me or a special guest.


~20 minutes

Quiet, personal reflection time to be guided through different reflective exercises with writing, drawing, or whatever medium suits you. What comes up for you is personal and does not need to be shared in full. You'll have 1:1 space afterwards with another human to discuss any reflections, set backs, or feelings that came up and also have the privilege of witnessing and supporting another's process. We will switch up 1:1 combinations each week to let you connect with all the humans.

Distance working
Casual Meeting


~20 minutes

After the open-group time and the reflection exercises, we will take a small comfort break before being split off into smaller groups to have some 1:1 time with another human. Each person will have 5 minutes to free associate what's going on for them within the group or within life today, taking turns, and additionally having 10 minutes together to reflect, support, and/or offer collaboration.

Image by Arno Smit


- 8 x 1.5 hour group sessions

- Facilitated reflection exercises

- Intimate small group support

- 1:1 collaboration time

- Special guest workshops

- AND a 30 min 1:1 intro with me!

£50 per 1.5 hr session/ 8 weeks

£400 total membership cost

Payment plans weekly, monthly, or in full.

If finances are an issue, please contact me for a concession space.

MONDAYS 10:00-11:30 AM (1.5 HRS)

22nd of August
29th of August
5th of September
12th of September
- 1 week off -
26th of September
3rd of October
10th of October
17th of October

If you are unable to attend any sessions, you will miss out on group and 1:1 time, but I will record the guided self-reflection exercise or special guest workshop where possible.

Reflections from the last mini-round of this group:

"This group provided support but
also helped me to put things into perspective for myself, my practice and my self-care regimen."

"Taylor ensured everyone participated in their own way/at their own pace and held space for the individual and group needs."

"Very thoughtful, attentive and facilitative... Taylor set a great ethos of acceptance and inclusion."


I look forward to welcoming you in this autumn.


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