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Looking for a supervisor?

I'm currently completing my supervision diploma and offering low fee sessions through Spring 2024. Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to book an initial session to see how I can support you and your practice (available to trainees too).

Fee- £30/hour

Online via Zoom
I typically hold space for supervisees every 2 weeks.

What a supervision space can be...

I hold space for supervises to have a collaborative, co-created experience to support your personal and professional development. All parts of you are welcome. Some things we may focus on are how to have a sustainable practice for you, what type of clients you work best with, ethics, how your work is effecting you, exploring your relationship and dynamics with clients, and theory to hold you and your caseload.


I'm also so happy to provide you a space to explore private practice, business decisions, work/life balance, and developing your confidence as a practitioner at any stage in your career. I really enjoy providing a holistic supervision experience to make certain conversations more possible: the more space for these conversations, the better for your wellbeing, the longevity and depth of your career, your connection to your identity and your personal life… and in turn I believe you’ll provide a better therapeutic experience with your clients. Supervision is a crossroads between your personal development and your clinical work, which can be a really rewarding space to become the therapist you want to be. 


There are edges to our work with clients and our personal development. Supervision is a space to stretch out those growing pains and be held accountable to our values. To be known and seen.


I transparently view the supervision space as scaffolding support for your therapy practice:
1)  I aim to support containment of your therapeutic, clinical work with clients, and 2) develop your practice logistically and presence relationally and 3) do this as sustainably as possible for you and your life goals


You know you best. You know your clients best. 

Here is a space to develop your skill and trust in that.

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If you'd like to read more about me...

My supervision training is through The Ellesmere Centre for Psychotherapy, 
a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapy training provider. I am receiving regular "supervision for my supervision" while training and will continue to do so post completion of my academic studies for my supervision diploma.

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